Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disney World Take 2

Yeah, we did it again. Over the top this time! 10 days and 29 people all together. Wow.
Our flight left on Thanksgiving Day in the afternoon but we found a "stay and fly" package that would actually save us money in parking. So we went down on Wed afternoon and stayed in a hotel. It was nice to be completely ready and there. The kids spent time working on homework so it wouldn't be so bad when we got back.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we only had Ethan's camera for this trip?? Ugg.....

Anyway- we set out the next afternoon to the airport.

It didn't really occur to me that this was Jaleigh's first flight until we got on the plane and she started frantically studying the Aircraft Safety card. Unfortunately sometime near the end of the flight she decided that we were going to have a crash landing and announced it loud and clear. Over and over again. She wasn't scared, just very matter-of-fact. I assured her that the pilot was a very good one and he wouldn't have any trouble landing. "But good pilots have crash landings all the time!!" she insisted until we landed without incident.

Through the "Magical Express" service WDW has, they collected all our luggage and had it sent to our room. We were able to go right to the resort and have a most magnificent Thanksgiving dinner (one of which was made especially for me completely lactose-free. Yes- it made me tear up.), and then catch up with the Garricks at the Magic Kingdom.

Some of the highlights on Friday included a "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Breakfast with our favorite Mary Poppins,
Finding a new favorite ride- Tomorrowland Transit Authority

and searching for (and making up our own) Hidden Mickey's

Speaking of hidden mickeys can I just post a few we found? The kids really got into finding Mickey's this time.
After Derek and Sunny got there on Saturday, we were inseparable. There were enough of us to do everything we wanted to do, and not to many of us to get it all done. Everyone really enjoyed being together. Actually- they really impressed us a TON. Having jet lag, a two & a half year old, and being 7 months pregnant- I never heard a complaint or of anyone needing a rest. They were about as hard core as they come! I never got tired of seeing well trained men in white coats come to my table to see how they could make my lactose-free dining the most tantalizing meal I had ever come across,

running into friends all around the parks
Seeing my family wear pink lei's :)
hanging out with characters

wait times like this on all our favorite rides

and seeing this on all the video games in our resort on the last morning. The best part of all though- was being there with both of my sisters and their families. We love being together, and being in a place we all love just made it all the better. Until next time...