Friday, April 23, 2010

A Friday Too Early for the Beach

Parent Teacher Conferences can only mean one thing... A DAY OFF!! :)

We did the whole Conference thing- the kids got great reports, we got good suggestions for the summer, and we even stopped by the book fair and got the kids something special.
Then we packed lunches- picked up some a couple of Ethan's friends (we have pretty much adopted each others families- they are so great!) and we headed out to our favorite hiking spot.
Being the end of April- we knew it would be too cold for the beach- but a hike would be perfect.
So we hiked.
I love watching the paths the kids choose. Over fallen trees, up hills and down exploring all along. "Check this out!" "Wait for me!" "Hey- how did you get up there?" echoing all around- yet to me- it was serene. This is exactly what a childhood should be.

When Nathan and I reached the destination- the stunning dune top view of the Lake- the kids had long since "settled" in. Shoes, socks, sweatshirts and coats were left behind and they made a beeline to the desolate April beach.

It was amazing. The sun and the breeze were warm and perfect. It felt like our little secret that this was a perfect beach day. It shouldn't have been, right? Michigan in April could still mean snow!

We relaxed, played and made our mark.
As we left, the boys discussed how cool it would be if a reporter saw their message in the sand. It would turn into the story of the year. They determined that they would end up on TV resolving the long mystery of the message left on a desolate beach, in the end of April. I love that they still allow themselves to believe in magic & mystery.

Then we ended with a delicious not-thought-out-at-all picnic. And it was great.
Life lesson #2375- Go even if it doesn't make sense, and believe in the impossible.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something... Anything

When you get soo far behind on blogging- you just need to start somewhere. I need to go back, and blog about the past, but for now I just need to post something... anything to get me going.
So here it is. Yesterday I taught Ethan to use the manual settings on my camera. His first ever Depth of Field shot...

Then I taught him a little photoshop.

And today he entered his first ever Earth Day photo contest. I couldn't be more proud!!

Another first today- Saroya is going to play soccer with a broken arm (who knew swings were so dangerous?). Its a good thing she is such a tuffy.

And undoubtedly today, Jaleigh will make a fashion statement... Not a first-or a last.

(this is the outfit that Jaleigh wanted to wear when I told her we were going to a Boy Scout Court of Honor...)