Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Goodwill..... I Forgive You

You have long been one of my bargain favorites. I would love to browse your aisles and find the most unique and nostalgic things at a great price. You supplied me with endless opportunity when it came to Halloween creativity. I even remember when we brought the young women to your store for a lesson in frugality. Man those girls got some awesome finds for the $3.00 they had! I especially LOVED it when you would sell the brand new clearance items from Target, what deals I got then!! I had learned to trust you as the ultimate in bargain shopping. And then... then you sold me this For FIVE DOLLARS MORE than I would have purchased it at the store, at REGULAR PRICE! I tried to just ignore it, I mean, $5.00 isn't really that much. BUT IT WAS FROM GOODWILL!! If I just waited a little while, the shelf was sure to go on sale at Target, and it would be an even bigger difference. No way.

I called and you offered me my money back. I had already put it together, so I brought it just as it was. After I got my money back, I spied this in the back of the store that would be PERFECT for the girls room. I was cautious this time, but I knew it was a $120.00 shelf, so the $34.99 was a steal of a deal. Right?
Except that it had no HARDWARE! I said, "Ok- I can deal with this. I will just call the manufacturer and tell them it didn't have hardware, and they will send it free of charge. :)" Well, come to find out, Target doesn't stand behind the furniture they produce and so I was stuck. And don't worry! I haven't totally forgiven Target yet either...

So after a LONG shopping trip to Lowe's, spending more money on hardware than I spent on the shelf, a lot of work from a patient and long-suffering Dad, and a lot of "jimmy rigging", we finally had our shelf.

The shelf didn't bring me as much happiness anymore, because it had turned out to be such a pain. Now every time I look at that shelf, I remember how much money I did NOT save. Grr...

Today I decided you give you another chance. With Halloween right around the corner, I needed to gather some inspiration.

HAPPY DAY!! I came away with some amazing vintage fabrics I just can't wait to sink my sewing machine into.

Plus I was able to get this pack pack for Miss J (that she so DESPERATELY wanted)

And even a good start on Saroya's Halloween costume

All for only $8.50. So I say to you Goodwill Industries, we are square. But please, don't try to mess with me any more. I will take you down... :P


Mrs. Frugal and lately Vintage Lover

P.S. I really wanted this too, but it was $4.99 and I just wasn't sure. It seems a little crazy I know,

but the more I look at the possibilities, the more I like it. Not for a dress, but can you see the options this fabric has??? (Thanks to Miss J for taking the picture!) I may be back tomorrow.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


When I picked up the cushion on the couch and saw this, it could only mean one thing....Jaleigh decided that she needed a haircut....

When I told Jaleigh that she had used the scissors inappropriately and she would not be allowed to use them again for "a lot of days". She smiled and said, "Ok."

A few minutes later she came back and asked to use scissors again. I reminded her that she couldn't use them for a while. Again she smiled and bounded off down the hall.

After the 4th reminder that she couldn't use the scissors (in about 15 minutes) she put her hands on her hips, and while leaning forward yelled, "Well anyway, yesterday when I was a mommy, somebody did something naughty and then they wanted to use the scissors and I said YES!" Well, I guess you are a better Mommy than me...

The next morning, seeing this could only mean one thing....
Jaleigh was going to her first day of preschool!

When we were filling out paperwork for preschool, I was supposed to ask her questions and then write down what she said.

Your name is...."Jaleigh"

You like to be called... "Jaleigh Princess SOP"

Huh!?!? Ok, so the first "pre" preschool day the teacher was writing her name on her paper. "Now your name is Jaleigh, right?"

She replies, "Jaleigh Princess"

The teacher doesn't respond.

She leans forward and says even louder, "Jaleigh Princess!"

Uh, yeah. Because that is exactly what we call her at home. WHA?!?!

After the first day of school, she was telling me about a girl she was playing with. I said, "Was she the one with blonde curly hair?" She said, "Well, I wasn't looking at her hair. I was looking at her shoes. She had PRINCESS shoes on!!"

Where did I get this kid?! :) Oh- and yes she did insist on wearing the feather headband to school. That wasn't me....

I also just had to post this picture from her check up at the doctor. She was THRILLED that she got to wear a "beautiful dress" during the exam. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Selfless Service

If I could chose a superpower to have, it would be to be able to take pictures with my eyes. Just blink, and then BAM! I could download them to my computer any time I wanted to so I would never forget that moment.

Yesterday I had my camera, but it would have been "inappropriate" so I didn't. I want to remember the beautiful things I saw.

I would have snapped a picture of the sweetest family singing at my grandpa's funeral. See, they go to my grandparents house EVERY week after church to bring them the sacrament and sing to them. They don't go home, get something to eat, relax and then find time, no- they go straight from church. Did I mention that they have 3 boys and 1 girl? 2 of them teenagers? And it is not their calling, they just do it. While they were singing (eyes fixed on grandma because they were only doing this to bring her some comfort) one of the boys put the hymn book in front of his face. Then after a minute and for the rest of the song, his sleeve wiped away tears behind that book. When the song was over, he held the book in front of his face while he walked back to his seat. I wish I had a picture of that, because I never want to forget how thoughtful and completely UNselfish they are. I was so moved.

Then I would have snapped a picture of my tough 11 year old cousin, reaching forward from behind grandma to comfort her during the very moving violin and organ performance of "Be Still My Soul" by Brother Lewis & Sis Maughn. When she turned to see who it was she whispered, "I knew it would be you". See- Danny has really been having a rough time dealing with Grandpa's death. But in that single act of selfless love, he chose to hold her hand from behind during that whole song and through the closing prayer just so she knew he was there. It was beautiful. 72 years apart, but supporting each other nonetheless.

And then- it may have still been inappropriate, but I could no longer hold off. I took some pictures of a fitting tribute to my grandfather for his service to his country. I got a couple of eye glances, but I hadn't read up on funeral etiquette so I am claiming ignorance, and great memories captured.

11 men, take time out of their day to get dressed up in their military best, in 90 degree weather (today) or a winter storm (as they did in February for my uncle) for no other reason than to pay tribute to men and women they may have never met, just so they can give all of them the full military burial they deserve. None of them young, but all of them standing just as tall and as strong as their bodies will let them. Bless them and the beautiful, selfless service that touched us all.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention after all, the selfless service my grandpa gave to his entire family. It was far reaching and powerful. As my Uncle Mark noted in the eulogy, he was a gentle and quiet man, but he never stopped smiling, loving, and giving until the end. He always kissed my grandma last before he would leave to go anywhere, and even in his heavly sedated state, he managed to kiss my grandma one last time, the night before leaving this world. He showed us that true love can and will last.... forever.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back At It!

This is how they REALLY felt...
This is how I made them pretend to be...

Happy School year!! :)