Monday, February 7, 2011

Pizza Anyone?

This is what I found in my refrigerator this morning. I guess that's what happens when you have leftovers from a Super Bowl Party in the ER?

For some reason I don't want to eat anything from the fridge today...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Only One In Gym Clothes...

I messed up.

I messed up a lot.
Have you met Jaleigh? She is the one that came out obsessed with anything "beautiful". Who loves her clothes so much, she actually morns growing out of them. Really. She cries.
This is the girl, that right after she folded all her clothes said, "Hey Mom! Do you think we could go shopping and get some more?!"

She doesn't like "old" clothes, even though most of her clothes are hand-me-downs. She tolerates it, but doesn't like it.

She has been known to wear dresses with tennis shoes on gym days, because she wants to dress pretty. When I can get her in gym clothes, it is quite a compromise.

Today I got her in gym clothes.
I got her in gym clothes because we were saving her really special outfit for Friday. The day she has her big 1st grade Christmas performance. The show she has been practicing "J is for joy that is filling the air!" over and over for. The day of the big Christmas Party!

Except the performance isn't on Friday apparently. The performance was today. The Christmas Party isn't on Friday either. The Christmas Party was today...
And she was wearing gym clothes.
"All the girls had beautiful dresses and curly hair, Mom. All the boys were wearing handsome clothes. Everyone. And I was the only one wearing gym clothes."

Not just any gym clothes either.

She was wearing "old" gym clothes passed down to her from her now 14 year old cousin. And her "dirty" gym shoes too. "Ugly dirty gym shoes..."

The details unfolded throughout the night tonight.

"When Mazy saw me crying, she started crying and gave me a hug. Then she said, 'Why are you crying? Are you OK?' So I told her that I was sad because my Dad wasn't coming to see me. She said it would be OK, but I was really sad, Mom!"

"When Aubrey saw how sad I was, she told me were I could get a beautiful dress like hers. I know right where it is. It's the first Walmart, and you go to the compartment and they are right there. I think we saw them before, didn't we Mom? So do you think we can go to Walmart right now? Aubrey has a pink dress, so could we get a red one?" I reminded her that we already had a fancy outfit all ready to go for tomorrow, which hopefully will still be ok in the morning.

Nathan said when she got off the bus she said, "Dad! You forgot my performance today!" and burst into tears which continued for 45 minutes.

I called Jaleigh's teacher as soon as I found out. She filled me in with more pathetic news, like that Jaleigh begged her all day to call Nathan but her teacher was sure Nathan already knew. I'm sure he would have if his wife had written it on the calender for the right day...

She let me know that there would be an all school sing along tomorrow afternoon. (Which is incredibly long and boring...)


Guess who will be in the front row of the audience singing right along?

And guess who will be the only one in a beautiful dress with curly hair?

I doubt I will ever get her in gym clothes again...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look What I Found

...under the tree this morning.Asleep in Heavenly peace.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fun Filled Fall Week!

Our crazy week started with a Super Hero day at school for Miss J. Yes, of course she wore that outfit to school, and in morning prayers asked that she be able to "help lots of people today". I am certain that she did!

The very next day, Jaleigh (FINALLY) lost her front tooth!! The tooth fairy got fancy and brought her a golden dollar for her tooth this time!

We had to cancel going to the trunk or treat at church, because we hadn't had any family time to even get to the farm for pumpkins. We missed seeing everyone, but we had so much fun with the farm to ourselves (who else spends money on pumpkins 3 days before you throw them away?) playing, eating doughnuts, drinking cider, feeding the animals, and picking out the best pumpkins!

Nathan got serious with the Dremmel this year and Ethan's pumpkin! He really is soo creative!

I love seeing them shine! Don't they look great?!

Saroya's first season in travel soccer was exciting. She found some serious passion and talent in herself. The last tournament game of the year she had 4 of the 5 goals and an assist for the other. She was an animal! The coach asked her if she had raw meat for dinner. In perfect Saroya style she replied, "No. We had ham." :) All night she repeated, "I am just so proud of myself! I can't believe I made 4 goals!!"
Her team mad it to the consolidation game in the finals, and it went to double overtime, DOUBLE shootout, and finally lost the game by one point in sudden death. It was a bummer, but they felt good about the job they had done! And what an exciting game! Better yet to me, is that they got the sportsmanship award in their league. Watch out next season ladies!! (Saroya is in the blue hat on the end)

Ethan's team had an easy win for the championship. Undefeated in travel soccer so far!! They are such a great team with such talent. It is so fun to watch them! (Ethan is in the black hat, middle row, second from the left)

On Halloween, Sweet princess Belle Jaleigh and the brilliant Hermione Granger Avery
stopped by for a spell.
We went Trick-Or-Treating with some friends of ours, and it was a good time. The kids always opted for the heaviest candy when given a choice...

The next day, we rushed to the dentist to unload the candy (1$ per pound), get cash, toys and a light up toothbrush. Can I tell you how much we love this dentist?!?

Jaleigh walked in the door and grunted, "Can I get a little help here???"

After the candy sell, we rushed home to clean up the leaves in the yard for FHE. WHEW!!!!

After so much go- we finally decided to stay. Light a fire, be together, and just be. Exactly the way I love it.
I am so happy with this family I have been blessed with. Not only do we love each other, we like each other a whole lot too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I totally failed on first day pictures this year. Ethan left when it was still dark out, but I love his 1st grade-like smile. Love it. 7th grade for this kid, and just a few small inches away from being my height. Eeek!!!

When I took the girls to school today, I forgot my camera and didn't take a picture before we left. Saroya suggested that we take an "after the first day" picture when they got home "to keep things exciting". Since there wasn't another option, we did just that. Unfortunately she was horrified that I decided to take the picture in front of all the kids on the bus and everyone at the bus stop. Who knew??? Oh yeah, she's in 4th grade now. I should know that.

Happy 1st day kids!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


When I walked out my door this is what I saw.

A sign of the changing season... already. But also a reminder of how much things are changing around here. So many things on the horizon but all up in the air. Praying that when the dust settles, so will our nerves.

Change brings growth I know, but sometimes it is soo uncomfortable too. Yuck.

One of the changes I have been thinking about is that I love photography... a lot- but not all aspects. I am going to try to move in the direction that makes me feel creative (which is weird for me to say about myself) and happy. Just saying it makes me happy.

I have been taking a trip down memory lane lately with all my fave bands from the High School days. I still love them!! Music has always been something that connects me. Connects me to my feelings, thoughts and memories. I don't know how I survived (like that I am still alive...) my teenage years. I was insane. CRAZY insane. My parents will be so happy to see me acknowledge that publicly- and I don't know how they made it either. Every wrinkle, grey hair, lost hair, heart problem or memory loss that they will ever have has my name on it. I am sorry. I kind of laugh a little about some things because it is so unbelievable. I guess I was born to show them what they were made of. And I can tell you too- solid steel thank goodness.

Thinking of back then- first I pray that all my kids will be prefect like my sisters. (Hey- it's in the genes somewhere, right??) Also- I realize that through the changes that I have had in my life, I- WE have created such a great life. I am not sorry about that. And I am not sorry for the things that I have learned along the way. I needed every lesson I have learned. I know I am rambling, and it's almost 2am, but suffice it to say, I am ready- come what may.

... and long live 80's alternative bands. :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Outdoors... FINALLY

Our summer schedule has been crazy. Crazy with good things- like Scout Camp, Family Reunion, Academic Camp, Girls Camp, Activity Day Camp. But it hasn't been the kind of Summer we yearn for during the long months of winter and school. The kind of summer we dream of is full of us together camping, exploring, adventuring and connecting.

Finally- we found a week we could go and just be.

By the time we got all packed up, um- you could say we looked ridiculous. RE-DIC-U-LOUS.
And so what that semi's were blazing past us up the smallest incline?

I hesitate to tell you about our favorite campground, because it really is a secret gem. We have always gotten a spot- last minute or holiday weekend- they are there for us. It is amazing. Then I remembered there are only 5 people that read my blog so I'll share it with you. You might remember when I blogged about it here? You will NOT be disappointed. Its called River Farm Campground in quaint little Pentwater MI. It is 10 minutes north of Silver Lake Sand Dunes, and 15 minutes south of Ludington. We stay here and enjoy all there is to do in all 3 towns. Really, the campground itself has so much to offer too. Ok- now if I start not getting a site when I call....

Nathan took the kids for a walk while I got all the details set up in the camper, and came back with one of his many "finger bouquets" as I call them, to decorate our table. I think he called this one "4th of July" because it reminded him of fireworks.

The fashion for the week was swimsuit and Keens. Every day- for the whole week!!

Mode of transportation?

and Bikes.
Days filled with swimming

Tube jumping


And even a little summer crushin' .
Late nights around the campfire eating sticky smores
and then talking just he and I, while the kids read themselves to sleep.

One of the MANY great things about this campground, is that it is on Pentwater River. Its a small river that I have never seen anyone on. LOVE IT!

We had never ventured out too far, but now that we all have Kayaks we decided to go all the way.

About a half mile down, we came to this huge sand dune. We stopped to explore and cool off.
Nathan said I had to get a look from the top. He was so right.Are you seeing this?? Not a soul in sight and we are having the time of our lives! Just stunning, isn't it?It was a beautiful river.

Another day we stopped at a great park in Ludington. Jaleigh made fast friends a few girls her "very own age".

I overheard their conversation...

"If you want to play with us, we will show you a very secret place. You can't tell anyone about it. Not even your parents. No one. Well, except my Grandma. We can tell her, cause she NEVER gets me in trouble..."
and they ran off to their very secret location...
Isn't that sweet?? I think it's true too....

And speaking of Grandma, I saw this at the beach one day and couldn't stop laughing. This is exactly something my mom would do... :)
By the end of the week, most of our books were read, some were a little sunburned, and all of us were eaten up

But we had the week we had been looking forward to for so long. Together.

Mission Accomplished!