Friday, August 29, 2008

Grandpa Old Ears

STREETER ( Rockford ) Mr. Harold R. Streeter, age 82, passed away on Friday morning, August 29, 2008. He was a 1944 graduate of Rockford High School. While home on furlough, Harold and Pauline eloped before he was sent overseas. S/Sgt. Streeter served during WWII in the US Army as a cook in the Philippines and Italy . His marriage to Mrs. Streeter was later sealed in the Mormon Church on December 20, 1963 in Arizona. At his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mr. Streeter was ordained as a High Priest on the Stake High Council. If there was a ministry that needed to be done, Mr. Streeter did it. For a time, he and Mrs. Streeter were temple workers in Chicago. For 44 years Mr. Streeter worked as a press operator for General Motors on 36th St., retiring in 1991. He was a gentleman who was a very decent man and a very hard worker. Through out his life he was a Detroit Tiger Fan. He is survived by his wife, the former Pauline Williams whom he married on December 13, 1944; his children, Pamela and David Wadsworth of Grand Rapids, Mark Richard Allen and BJ Streeter of Sugarland, TX, Valerie Lynn and Timothy Mack of Vaughn, MT, and Tamara Leigh and Michael Myckowiak of Grand Rapids; his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Jane Streeter of Rockford; 17 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren; his sister-in-law, Mrs. Barbara Armstrong; aunts, Mrs. Mary Carpenter, Mrs. Birdie Sarkees and Mrs. Lillian Atwood; and nieces and nephews and their families. Mr. Streeter was preceded in death by his son, Craig Randolph “Randy” Streeter, his parents, Alger and Elva (Dunn) Streeter; his sisters, Ruth Streeter, and Lila Isberg, and his brother, Carl Streeter.

In all of the memories I have of my Grandpa, I am so thankful to have had him as my own. He was such a GOOD man. He was so caring and loving and I loved him dearly. "Woop there!" he would say and it always made me laugh.

As a kid, some of my favorite memories were going to grandma & grandpa's house. Grandpa would bring out the old green bowl and make the best popcorn you have ever eaten. We would go on lots of walks around Rockford, but always end up at "The Darn" (since Dam is a bad word, right?) I remember going up to the corner store with grandpa where he would buy a soda and sit and talk with "the guys" for a long time. If you ever couldn't find him at home, you knew that is where he was.

He mumbled under his breath, and it wasn't until I was older that I actually paid attention to what he was saying. He was SOOO FUNNY under that breath of his. Mostly, I realized what a genius he was for saying it under his breath, and not when grandma could hear. He wasn't being critical, just funny! Then he would wink at you if he noticed that you were paying attention. :)

When I lived in England, he and grandma came to see me. I had gotten used to driving on the "other" side of the road on tiny windy passageways, and I have never driven slow... Every time he would get in the car he would say, "There she goes! Just like a bat!" and it would crack me up. My grandma was sitting in the back seat and she just couldn't hear very well. We would repeat and repeat what we were saying, and then finally my grandpa would just say something completely different and give me that wink. "Look Pauline- Cows in the ditch." and she would say, "Oh, yeah." and that would be the end of it. :)

As he got older and began to have more problems, he never once refused to play catch, read a book, give a high five, a hug or a kiss to any of my kids. Jaleigh would jump on his lap all the time, and he was always happy to have her there.

I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit for he and my grandma to be together, and for the love and affection they showed us and each other during my whole life. I am glad that he doesn't have to suffer anymore and I can't wait to see him again after this life. I am thankful that he had faith to start us on the path to an eternal life. I know I have the greatest family on earth, and I am so glad that it can continue in heaven too. We love you Grandpa!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Boy, A Girl, and A Bed

There once lived an handsome blue-eyed young man. He was frugal, creative and was well on his way to a wonderful life. While on his way to that wonderful life, he met an interesting brown-eyed girl. The two gazed into each others eyes and quickly fell in love . A wedding date was set and all was well.
Then the handsome blue-eyed young man realized that they were going to need some furniture for their wonderful life. The frugal and creative young man devised a plan. They would build their own furniture, one piece at a time. Surely their love and admiration for each other would grow as they worked together to accomplish a goal.
While apart, they would daydream of their wonderful life together and the furniture that went along with it. They decided that they would start with a bed and see what inspiration would come after that. Plans were drawn up in classes and at work, and soon they began their work.
They had more love than tools or money, so they borrowed what they could and improvised when necessary. They decided to not use any nails, only wooden pegs and as a sentimental addition, they would use some wood from recent fires that the handsome young man had valiantly fought.
One day while the girl sat on the log to brace it while her betrothed sawed away, she noticed how large the bed looked.

"My love, are you sure that this is a queen sized bed? It seems so big!"

"Of course it is darling," he replied, "I measured my cousins bed, and I am using the exact measurements. Soon you will see how beautiful this queen bed will be, and we will live happily ever after."

Later conversations with said cousin revealed that instead of having a queen bed, (as the blue-eyed young man had assumed) he slept peacefully in a CALIFORNIA KING sized bed. There was shock on the girls face, and puzzlement on the young mans. "Oh well," they said as they lovingly embraced, as the bed was now completed.

Not until after their wedding was over (and they had received all QUEEN sized sheets) did they realize what a problem this now CALIFORNIA KING SIZED bed had created. They hadn't realized how much more expensive even sheets would be, never mind the bed itself. They settled on a KING sized mattress that would have a little wiggle room in the frame, and managed to buy a sheet set for the time being. (Note that no more furniture would be made again for at least the next 10 years...)

As time crept on their lives were indeed wonderful. They had three adorable children and love and honor abounded. They were adventurous and full of curious energy. Much to their fathers delight, all of the children had beautiful brown eyes like their mother (even though their mother longed to have but one child with the lovely blue eyes of her beloved husband). The children brought their adoring parents so much joy.

Along this journey of life, their bed stayed with them. It was moved from house to house and state to state. With the addition of children, the handsome man and curious woman realized how fortunate they were to have accidentally made such a big bed. It became a place for the whole family to lay snuggle and chat, a calming shelter from the loud storm passing by, or a warm comfort to sick children. It became a boxing ring and a wrestling mat, a trampoline and movie theater. The whole family loved that bed.

Slowly however, nails became a requirement for stubborn pegs that had to be sawed off, or to repair support beams that had fallen through. The decorative rope that had at one time adorned the corners of the bed, began to be used as lasso's and started to fray and wear. The money that was needed to update bedding was instead used for a growing family, and it became a mismatched eye sore.

Finally, after several months of the bed breaking for no apparent reason and falling to the floor in the middle of the night, the brown (and now red) eyed girl decided that enough was enough. She told her husband that she would rather just stay on the floor to begin with rather than crashing there in the middle of the night and started taking the bed apart.
The creative and frugal side of that handsome man started to come out and he said, "Ok dear, but let's just keep poles of the bed for now, I think I have an idea." and they shuffled the poles to the storage room in the basement.

The bed on the floor was not the same. The once young couple had become older and had creaky knees and sore backs. They missed their old bed.

Then one day when the snow cleared and the warmth of spring settled in, the woman noticed a familiar scene that brought memories flooding back.

Instead of one bright eyed girl gazing in awe of the creative young man, excitedly waiting for their creation to come to fruition, there were now 3 children thrilled to be helping their father with whatever he happened to have in mind.

A few more tools than the last time, and a few more people to support the pole while the cutting was done,

Another ring (A tad bigger than before...) as a thoughtful gesture bringing back all the love of a young girl and her handsome groom.
And exactly the same blue eyed curious, frugal and handsome young man (just a tad bit older) making something out of nothing, to please those he loves so much.

None of the memories lost, and many yet to be had.

And they all lived happily ever after..... The End.

Friday, August 1, 2008

HELP!!! I'm Stuck on NST*!!!!

*NST stands for Nikki Standard Time. Nikki Standard Time means that you go to sleep no sooner than 3am, and you get up around 8am. It doesn't change with the seasons and if you aren't used to it.... It can totally kick your trash...

The Garrick's have come and gone now for over a week. Yes, I am still on NST, and it sucks, but I am getting a lot of stuff done. ALL thanks to her getting me started and inspired on some great projects. I better start at the beginning to explain how I got on NST.

The Garrick's got to our house on Monday late afternoon. This thankfully, is another aspect of NST. You say morning, but you really end up getting there in the afternoon because you are so groggy even being an experienced NSTer. I say thankfully because at the time, I was NOT on NST and went to bed "early" so I had a lot of things to do before they came. Anyway- as soon as they got there, I put Nikki to work. See, our bedroom has been neglected since we moved here almost 5 years ago. (There will be a post on that soon, but suffice it to say, we still had sheets hanging up in the windows because it "worked".) Finally it was time to get the room done. We left all 7 kids with my WONDERFUL husband and set out to get some ideas.

By the time we got back, we only had about 30 minutes before we had to meet all the "girls" for a Bloggers Night Out (BNO- hopefully it will stick and will continue!). We got the table with a fire pit in the middle I always thought would be soo cool at the restaurant, but it ended up not being so cool to talk across. Oh well, we made it work. I was so glad Caity was feeling better and was able to make it, and perfect timing for Andrea to be here still. Perfect! We (read:I) laughed so hard at Leanne's perfume story,and she was way too sweet to make little "Try It Tuesday" bags to keep. SOO thoughtful!

After dinner, we went back to Beth's house to have some blogger chat time. It was so fun to be able to "show off" my sister. Poor Nikki is allergic to my house (or michigan, I'm not sure) so she had medicine head, but it was still soo much fun. We laughed until we cried and didn't come home until midnight.When we got home, all the kids were in bed sleeping and Nathan was reading the last man standing (Jackson) some books and he was ALMOST out. I am so thankful Nathan was so nice to let us have our time. :) I think that night, and this is where it started, we talked and stayed up until around 2:30a sampling Nathan's famous hot fudge topping and eating his fudge cake. Yum.

On Tuesday morning, Nathan got up and made breakfast for everyone. (Honestly! What a guy, huh?) I believe it was French Toast. Again... YUM! We waited for out Mom & Dad to come up and join us for a day at the beach. While we were waiting, Nathan got a little "Study Time" that he more than deserved.

The beach was soo beautiful! The water was clear, an aqua marine color, and warm! Of course all the older kids wanted to go out in the waves with Nathan.

Jackson and I splashed in the water for a little while. It is so funny when he laughs hard, so I kept doing it, just to make him laugh. :) (wow that was a brave picture to post, huh? YIKES!)

Jaleigh and Jackson tried playing a little net ball (?!?) while Grandpa and Grandma soaked in the sun.

Nikki took most of these pictures, so that is why there are none of her her. Thanks Nik! :)

After we ate dinner, we took everyone over to the Muskegon Channel to walk on the beach. It was so calm and peaceful. We would have stayed there longer if Ruth Anne's wasn't calling to us...

Kobe got the biggest ice cream cookie anyone had ever seen, and Saroya got a ice cream with eyes. Everyone got something, and it was all delicious.

Then came stage 2 of NST. By the time we got everyone situated and in bed around 11pm, Nikki says, "Ok, let's get going on that closet that drives you nuts!" Before I knew it, there she was with my whole closet on the floor and she was wiping things down.
I love it when she gets going though, because she is an expert cleaner and organizer. When she leaves my house, everything is a little straighter, a little cleaner, and a little more organized. I LOVE it! Of course I don't just sit back and watch, it really gets me in the mood to clean and organize too. A feeling that doesn't come very often...

Everything was going great and we were debating whether a trip to Meijer might be in order (right then!) to get some organizing things, (around 2:30a) when we hear the all too familiar sound of someone getting sick. It was Jackson. She quick grabbed him and got him in the tub and I quick changed out the bedding. It was kinda nice having us both there to help the situation. I finally went to bed around 3:30a, but she stayed up most the night with him being sick. YUCK!

We decided to let Nikki & Jackson sleep in while Mom, Dad & I headed for the blueberry farm. The berries were HUGE and delicious.

The Garrick's had never been to Silver Lake, so we all went to check it out. It was a perfect day with clear blue skies. Of course Dad brought his kite.

We are dinner at a local spot and then went over to Craig's Cruisers for some Go-Cart racing. We gave the camera to my Mom to take pictures and then waved when we got by her. Unfortunately, she got only a few of us and a couple of other racers that were not in our party :) We must have been too fast!

When we got home, we had the annual bonfire complete with camp songs. The kids had to get in one more game of Ghost in the Grave Yard before we sent Mom and Dad back on their way home. Needless to say, it was in fact ANOTHER late night getting the kids to bed. Once they were, Nikki says,"So what are we going to work on tonight?" and it was another 2am night. :)

By the time they had left us on Thursday, we had made so many memories and gotten so much accomplished. I am so thankful to them for coming because I know it is not the easiest trip to make, and then with her allergies and Jackson getting sick on top of it all... We all wish they lived closer. We will take NY though, it is a lot closer than other places.

So, here I sit as I have since the 21st of July at 1:42am with NST. But along with that, I have a bedroom that is totally finished, a toy room that is totally organized, and I have been getting rid of things left and right that I have had since my wedding day that I never liked. In some aspects I am thankful to have NST and wonder how long it will last. PLEASE don't call me 1st thing in the morning though! ;) Goodnight!