Thursday, May 31, 2007


Have you ever had one of those days when weird things just seem to keep happening? You find yourself saying,"What??" constantly. Well, that has been my case for the past couple of days. Like for instance we just got our van detailed which has been way too long in coming. When we went to pick it up, it was still in the garage part of the shop. As they were backing it out I say to Nathan, "If you worked here and wanted a drink, what would your options be?" There were two cases of Bud Light and a garbage can full of empties. Nathan said, "Well, if you own your own shop, I guess you can drink whatever you want to." WHAT?! Do I mind that someone is drunk when they clean my van, as long as they do a good job and they don't get sick in it? Then again, if they get sick they could clean it up fast enough. Humm.. I'll have to think about that one.

When I was checking out at the grocery store today, the checker held up my bottle of salad dressing and said very seriously, "Would you like me to leave this out for you?" I just gave him a blank stare and said, "No- I think I'll eat my salad at home." He replied, "Oh, sorry." WHAT?! I don't get it.
This morning Miss J & I went to a playgroup at a park. There were clumps of what looked like snow piles all around and it continued to "snow" the whole time we were there. I think we might have been under the largest grove of Cottonwood trees in all of Muskegon. It was really crazy. I also think I may have found the root to some of my sinus problems.. Ugg..

Later in the day we met up with some other friends for our first official beach swim of 2007. The water temp was about 63 I think, and it was really nice. Saroya and Jaleigh swam and played for about two hours and then Dad & Ethan came to join us. It was nice to finally be able to sit and relax for a little while. We have been on the dead run for so long. It's amazing what the sand and water can do for your skin... and soul.

We ended the night with another "What?!" while watching the National Spelling Bee on TV. I know, that in itself is a WHAT?! but it is astounding to watch these little kids spell words that you (and they probably) have never even heard of before. Then the spelling is no where near how it sounds. How do they do that? Lucky and brilliant I guess.

I am going to sleep now and hope to awake out of the twlight zone... :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

We had the such a great Memorial Day. We slept in and when we felt up to it, then we loaded the bikes in the van and hit the bike trail. The weather was so perfect; mid 70's and low humidity, we just couldn't help but get out.

Ethan got a new bike that he just couldn't wait to test out. I remember when I got my first "real" bike. I was 10 years old and it was a 10 speed. I remember having a breakdown on a bike ride at 9 years old because I just needed that 10 speed. That was the rule though... had to be 10 to get a 10-speed bike. Here Ethan is 9 years old and on a 21 speed bike. Boy times have changed. Woudn't it be great if the old rule still applied? Ethan would be chomping at the bit to turn 21... to get a great bike! Oh well, he did earn it.

We were able to go further on the bike path then we had ever been before so we needed to stop for some water, snacks, and bugspray.

The kids were making us laugh by switching glasses and making silly faces. As you can see, Ethan was cool, and Jaleigh couldn't stop laughing!

After the ride was over we dashed home. While Nathan & the kids unloaded the car, I put together a quick picnic dinner and we headed to a place called Snug Harbor. We found a great spot with a grill right next to a family with one of the biggest dogs I have ever seen. He wasn't just tall, he was HUGE! Jaleigh is afraid of dogs that come to her ankles, so this dog was like a horse to her. Ethan & Saroya ran over to the swings and started playing, but Miss J would not come out of the van unless she was attatched to one of us. Even then she climbed as high as she could get. The dog was actually a really nice dog. He never barked and moved very slowly. At one point a little girl Jaleigh's age was all over this dog and he just sat down and let her. Eventually Jaleigh stopped crying and at one point, even made it over to the swings. She never took her eyes off that dog though.

After a long winter, I forget how much I like grilling at the park for a picnic. The smell of the charcoal burning brings with it so much anticipation for a good meal. Then eating outside in the fresh air with potato salad, watermelon, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken.... YUM! Trees grass and water all around. Something about this scene makes me so happy... (maybe it's because Saroya can stand on the table and I don't care?) I don't think we do it enough. I can't wait until we can again.

One of the greatest things about this park is that it has the most amazing trails- 10 miles of amazing trails- all around it, and Lake Michigan is about 1 mile away. You can drive or hike there. Perfect. So we decided to have a look around.

As soon as you get on the trail, it is the most beautiful scene. These astonishing ferns line most of the trail. Ethan went back to have me take a picture and I could barely see him!

I also decided that Jaleigh is going to be a marathon runner because every time she gets a trail in front of her, she RUNS! It is funny to see her little arms all pumped up and ready to go. These three pictures were taken at 3 different times during the hike/ run. :)

We found this old fallen tree that was hollowed out. Saroya & Jaleigh were the only ones brave enough to go in for a picture. Every piece of fallen wood that we came across from then on, they both stopped for a pose and picture. Funny girls.

When it started to get a little dark, we decided we had better call it a day. Even though the kids still wanted to swim at the beach, they had to get up for school in the morning. We compromised by stopping at Ruth Ann's Ice Cream stand for chocolate dipped twist cones. There wasn't one complaint.

Even though we didn't do the typical Memorial Day activities, like going to a cemetery, I feel like we did honor those who fought for our freedom. We explored and enjoyed what it was they were, and are fighting for. Freedom to explore and not be afraid, unless of course there is a big dog...