Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Fun Filled Fall Week!

Our crazy week started with a Super Hero day at school for Miss J. Yes, of course she wore that outfit to school, and in morning prayers asked that she be able to "help lots of people today". I am certain that she did!

The very next day, Jaleigh (FINALLY) lost her front tooth!! The tooth fairy got fancy and brought her a golden dollar for her tooth this time!

We had to cancel going to the trunk or treat at church, because we hadn't had any family time to even get to the farm for pumpkins. We missed seeing everyone, but we had so much fun with the farm to ourselves (who else spends money on pumpkins 3 days before you throw them away?) playing, eating doughnuts, drinking cider, feeding the animals, and picking out the best pumpkins!

Nathan got serious with the Dremmel this year and Ethan's pumpkin! He really is soo creative!

I love seeing them shine! Don't they look great?!

Saroya's first season in travel soccer was exciting. She found some serious passion and talent in herself. The last tournament game of the year she had 4 of the 5 goals and an assist for the other. She was an animal! The coach asked her if she had raw meat for dinner. In perfect Saroya style she replied, "No. We had ham." :) All night she repeated, "I am just so proud of myself! I can't believe I made 4 goals!!"
Her team mad it to the consolidation game in the finals, and it went to double overtime, DOUBLE shootout, and finally lost the game by one point in sudden death. It was a bummer, but they felt good about the job they had done! And what an exciting game! Better yet to me, is that they got the sportsmanship award in their league. Watch out next season ladies!! (Saroya is in the blue hat on the end)

Ethan's team had an easy win for the championship. Undefeated in travel soccer so far!! They are such a great team with such talent. It is so fun to watch them! (Ethan is in the black hat, middle row, second from the left)

On Halloween, Sweet princess Belle Jaleigh and the brilliant Hermione Granger Avery
stopped by for a spell.
We went Trick-Or-Treating with some friends of ours, and it was a good time. The kids always opted for the heaviest candy when given a choice...

The next day, we rushed to the dentist to unload the candy (1$ per pound), get cash, toys and a light up toothbrush. Can I tell you how much we love this dentist?!?

Jaleigh walked in the door and grunted, "Can I get a little help here???"

After the candy sell, we rushed home to clean up the leaves in the yard for FHE. WHEW!!!!

After so much go- we finally decided to stay. Light a fire, be together, and just be. Exactly the way I love it.
I am so happy with this family I have been blessed with. Not only do we love each other, we like each other a whole lot too.