Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sometimes Dreams...

are as good as reality.

Last night I had a good dream.

I DID the photo shoot. Without anyone around. It was awesome, and I woke up knowing that I could do it. I knew I could....


Friday, August 21, 2009

Wanted: Spine

Photo shoot.
Ready, Excited.
Lots of people- one with big camera & excellent lens.
"Camera Girl" tells me I'm doing it wrong. (I'm not...)
Crumble, Fold, Leave.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I don't shoot weddings. (anymore)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perfect 6

With days not too hot, but hot enough and the water exactly the right temperature we spent a perfect 6 days... together.

We canoed to the beach, and for a nighttime guided tour, and we rode our bikes everywhere else.

This kid blew me away. We biked roughly 2 miles up and down hills. This kid never stopped, and never wrecked. (ALMOST, when dad decided to "race" her down a hill, but she held steady!) She's been without training wheels for how long?

We hiked inspiring trails every day

we came upon a "natural" playground. The kids had fun playing on the see-saw until Ethan got a little rowdy. Nathan decided to "have a go" with Ethan. Can you see Ethan's body all tensed up? You know what happened next...

One evening we went into town to a special "Movie in the Park" that the kids thought was just magical! Everyone just showed up with blankets and lawn chairs and hung around until the movie started at dusk.

They even had a little boat ride for the kids to pass the time. Price of the entire night? $2.50 for 3 bags of popcorn and a soft pretzel. Memories? Priceless.

Almost every night ended with a snack of some kind

And of course a fire!

On our last perfect night, we drove into a local town for a "homecoming" fireworks show over the lake. While we were waiting, Saroya learned to whistle with a blade of grass!

It was so much more beautiful watching the reflection on the water, and since we got a waterfront seat, I got some cool pictures!

A perfect way to finish a perfect week.

Now we are home for laundry, a wedding and work before heading out on another adventure next week. We can't WAIT!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Full Swing Summer

This week has been crazy fun busy. Oh, and just so you know, weeks during the summer don't go Sunday to Saturday, they just start and end when you want them to! :) So our "weekend" started on Friday night with a "Cruzin" Parade at a local town. We happened upon this parade several years ago, and I was surprised by how much we liked it! We have been back every year since then. I don't know if it was more fun to watch the parade or the kids.

LOVE Sundays for the totally relaxed days they are (after church!)

MONDAY, Guess who started doing something VERY cool???

Then on Tuesday we did a little of this with some friends from Nathan's work.

Today, we had a surprise for the kids when a friend invited us to go boating with him. Out of our family, I am the only one who has water skied. After today though... (love the picture Ethan took of me that focused on the water drops instead of me?? I DO!!)

It was AWESOME!! Saroya even tried, and I bet she could have gotten up if her ski's had been smaller to fit her feet.
Next time...

And one last thing, just to document it so I have some accountability, I have been "workin' on my fitness", and I need a few witnesses!! :)

There is another surprise in store for tomorrow for the kids that has to do with fast rides and water, but I can't ruin the surprise JUST yet!! :)

HURRAY for summer!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just a Hike

Seems like I have been a little un-inspired lately. Have you been able to tell from my blog???

I mean, we have had some super-great visitors and hade a blast at the sand dunes with friends.
Of course we have been to the beach

and the kids have been having fun with friends.

Farmer Jaleigh was able to grow a few things this year, thanks to our kind neighbor "Farmer Dave"

and the big kids have been doing a lot of this...
but ya know, I just couldn't get into documenting (aka "blogging").

Then a few days ago we decided to hit a trail...

It didn't start out so good, we forgot the water in the van. So while Nathan and the big kids went back and got it, Miss J & I waited on a bench.
I just sat and watched her. I don't know if it is because it's not strange for her to want to hike in a dress
or because since the day she was born, her legs never hang without having her ankles crossed
but I just realized that I couldn't let these days slip by.
As the water and the rest of the family arrived, we continued along the way.

I just couldn't stop taking pictures!!

Miss J got tired along the way but as usual, Nathan came to her rescue by applying the very rare and efficient "energy plant".

It worked like a charm!!
She would look at me side sideways and say, "Mom- is Dad really serious?" I asked her if she thought he was. She said yes! Who am I to argue?

So as I sit here, I realize how behind I am and how much I let fall by the wayside. I need to get better at finding a better balance in my life. August is going to be a really busy month, and then it's back to school, but I need to do better. And I will.

I mean... who wants to forget this???