Saturday, June 30, 2007

Super Saturday

What a great way to end the month of June! Ethan went with a friend to a Detroit Tigers baseball game and Nathan, the girls & I went up to Ludington for a day trip. The weather was so mild- upper 70's- and I never get tired of the drive up. It is so beautiful! Nathan & I got to catch up because the girls were zoned into the "Holly Hobbie" DVD and before we knew it, we were there. We started at this park this is right on the waterfront, has a great play area, and cool sculptures. The kids played a while.
Then we scooted off to watch the boats and birds on the water.

Saroya and Jaleigh wanted to take lots of pictures... so we did. :)

All of a sudden, the girls tummies NEEDED Ice Cream!

We found the perfect place. They make all their own ice cream and even had sorbet for me!

After we got our ice cream, we walked around and looked at a art show where lots of people commented on how much Jaleigh seemed to be enjoying her ice cream cone. Oh... wet wipe?

Then we headed off to the trails at Ludington State Park. That park is like a vacation in itself! It seems like every time we leave LSP, we are already planning what we will do the next time we come back. We explored for a while and then decided we had better eat some dinner and head back home so we wouldn't miss Ethan's return.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Talk about frustrating!! My computer has been down for almost two weeks! I have talked with people all over this world (some I could understand better than others) with 4 different companies sometimes until 3am! And FINALLY I am up and running again... for now. Just wanted to let you know that I am going to be catching up so feel free to look back.. I know you are desperate to get every detail memorized! :) TTYL (I had to write that. I spent the morning with a teenager that was relentless in text messaging!)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Grandma's Manicures

Every time Jaleigh sees my Grandma (aka "Grandma Old Ears") she wants to have her nails painted. Of course my Grandma loves this attention, and loves to paint Jaleighs nails. On Fathers Day when we all met at my parents house for a barbecue, my Grandma brought her "manicure" set. Jaleigh was so excited and the table was set up. Jaleigh was so intrigued with every detail and watched intently.
They were taking a lot of time going over every detail so I watched a little while and then walked away to do something else. When I came back, they were still at it so I watched a little more commenting on how precious it was, and wandered off again.

When I came back the next time this is what I found....... I quick took a few pictures and then laughed and laughed! She was totally passed out head straight down.
The funniest thing about it was that Grandma never stopped. She just kept right on painting and buffing.

Then when Grandma said, "Ok- I'm done." Jaleigh sat right up very sleepily. When she noticed how beautiful her nails were, she was excited right away!Sweet memories...

One last picture from that day. The kids were all playing on Grandpa's hammock and I got this picture of them. Now that I look at it I wonder, "How did they not fall??"

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!

To all the amazing fathers in my life. For my Dad who is so kind, loving, and helpful and who adores my Mom. Who always lectures and never yells (even when I didn't see that big cement barrel while pulling out of the gas station in his car) and who always has treated me with respect. For waking me up with warm washcloths instead of bright lights and singing me to sleep with "Goodnight My Love" or sleep therapy. ("Think only of your feet. They have been moving all day and are getting heavier and heavier. Feel them sinking into the mattress deeper and deeper. Think of all the things your feet have done today and how tired they most certainly are. Now think only of your legs....") "The only thing better than having you for a father is my children having you for a grandfather"

For my Father-In-Law who is so supportive and interested in everything we do- even from the other side of the country. Who is tireless when it comes to playing board games over and over and over and over.... with my kids, and who will do anything to keep up with his kids (even if it means getting a few strains, bumps and bruises along the way.) Who raised an especially wonderful son.

And finally to the father of my children. I thank you for being with me on this amazing journey through parenthood. For always striving to be better, and do better for our family. Who loves our children fierecly and who finds his greatest happiness here at home with us. For being goofy and making us all laugh till we cry, and for being our kids greatest hero. (and mine.) I couldn't be more blessed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Strawberries, Dunes & Hikes

We've really been packing our days full with Grandma & Grandpa visiting. We were excited that they came this time of year, because we we able to take them with us for one of our favorite annual events!
Strawberries!! We picked 10 quarts, made strawberry jam, strawberry pies, strawberry shortcake and even froze a few for smoothies down the road! It was a strawberry weekend for sure.

We also took in some time to go see the dunes. I never get tired of feeling the soft sand on my feet. I am always so amazed at the stark contrast of the blue water, green trees, and light tan sand.

We also took a hike for a little while. It was so pretty and we had great weather. It was right before lunch so the kids got tired fast. Even if it wasn't long, I'm still glad we went. I always love a hike. Saroya needed a little pull from Grandpa (using her "Yoda stick" ugg...) on her way back to the car...

I still think Jaleigh got the best ride...

Friday, June 8, 2007

In Five Years...

These are the things I will miss.

Princess dresses, crossed ankles and chubby feet.

Tippy toes.

Can't quite reach.

Miss J's Strawberry Jam & butter sandwiches. (Check out that Huge blob o' butter!)

Ooops! I cut my hair.... (I secretly think it is the funniest thing. Why would someone do that?? :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Winds of Change

I know it is kinda blurry, but I just love this picture. They are both just holding on to eachother
as tight as they can. Plus Nathan never smiles in pictures, but he is a sucker for Miss J.

Today it is hot and sticky. I can hear the wind blowing really hard outside, in fact we lost two huge branches today. (I would have taken a picture to post, but Nathan took the camera to work tonight.) I went outside after the kids went to sleep to feel the cool breeze, but all it is is hot air blowing around. This night reminds me of being a kid again. My mom would put baby powder all over us kids to help us feel less sticky. Then we would sleep with only a sheet...But absolutely with a sheet. My mom said it helped us stay cooler. So I followed her directions, and to this day if it's hot at night... I sleep with a sheet on top of me. I think I did try the baby powder with Ethan when he was small, but then he coughed all night and ended up with croup. I know it was just a coincidence, but it scared me. I actually think that's the only time I ever even used baby powder. What is it for? Sweaty nights I guess.

Ethan & Saroya had their last day of school today. After the kids get on the bus to go home, l all the school staff come outside. The kids hang out the windows of the bus and wave (some squirt water guns) while the busses loop around twice as a final farewell for the summer. It is so fun and I always get choked up. Dumb. I'm not going to miss my kids, I am excited that they will be home all the time! I guess it's just that school is done for the year, and it is such a huge step it seems to go into the next grade. I get choked up at the first day of school too... Maybe I should home school? Then I wouldn't cry at the end of the school year, just during the whole school year... :) Anyway Ethan's principal told the kids that the winds outside were the "winds of change". I can relate. I hope things don't keep changing too fast.
One last thing. After finishing The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi last night, Saroya was saying her prayers and said, "And please help us not be on the Dark Side..." Oh boy.. They are hooked.

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Force

When they say, "May The Force be with you" it's supposed to be a good thing, Right? Not for me. "The Force" is eating my family one person at a time. For those of you who don't know, I really don't like science fiction. In fact, it gives me a headache. Literally. I think the closest I ever got to enjoying sci-fi was the 80's hit movie "Cocoon", and that was more about the big cocoons than crazy shaped and colored people. I just don't get into that. Anyway- to catch up, Ethan's friend got him a belated birthday present on Saturday and would you take a guess at what it was? Lego Star Wars! Can you believe it? They have, of course been playing it every waking minute and that is one thing. Tonight however, it was taken to a whole new level. See, Nathan decided that it was time for the kids to see the movie...for Family Home Evening! That meant I had to be there too. From the fist note of the music, the kids faces were beaming. "The Force" quickly put me to sleep (I'm sure that was a coping mechanism) but I heard the kids at different times say things like, "Yeah- that is real because it is on Lego Star Wars too..." I knew it was bad the other day when I overheard Saroya & her friend playing house and she would say, "My name is Luke Skywalker". Jaleigh is now Princess Leia. She talked about the princess the whole movie. Where will we go from here? I am afraid to say, they have already rented the next movie in the series.

In really good news, Jaleigh is now paci-free! It is embarrassing to admit that it has taken this long, but she kicked it! We had some friends over a week ago and they brought their 2 week old baby. When the baby started to fuss, Jaleigh said, "The baby needs my Fi-ye" (I don't know how to spell it like she says it). So she went and got it from under her pillow and gave it to the baby (to hold). I kept it when they left but she hasn't asked for it yet! I knew she was for sure done when she found another one in her (diaper) purse on Sunday. She just said, "Look what I found" and put it back! Yea!

I am excited she is getting big, but at the same time it's a little sad too. I think that's how everyone feels about their kids. I heard about this idea in the back of a scrapbook magazine that says to take a picture of some things in your house that won't be there in five years. Wow. Think about that for a minute. I think I just might take the challenge and post my pictures later. I think it will be good to remember little shoes, princess dresses and tiny step stools. :)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Friday, June 1, 2007

Pop O' Wheelie

Ok- Jaleigh's newest and coolest thing lately is doing a "pop o' wheelie". It is so funny because she really does one. She peddles her bike backwards and then quick goes forward and Pop! She does it. It's really very funny. Anyway- so of course I want to take a picture of her doing that. It is just a quick little pop so by the time my camera catches it, she is just a little girl on a bike. I was determined. We sat there for a good 30 minutes with her "popping" and me not getting it. I was so frustrated. Ethan came out (the genius that he is) and said, "Mom- why don't you video it?" Oh. So I did and I got it. It wasn't the best, but you can see it and it is cute. That wasn't enough for me. I wanted a picture. So I say, "Jaleigh- do a really BIG one!" And she does...sorry!! (Yes- that is my kid without a helmet... Who knew??)

She cried for a minute while I hugged her and said sorry. Then we took the picture in to show Ethan & Saroya and they had a huge reaction. "COOL! That's AWESOME!" Jaleigh looked at me and said, "Momma- I want to do it again!" Tuff girl!

Well- Saroya has been OBSESSED with a game that Sunny & Derek first let them play at their house (thanks a lot guys!) called Lego Star Wars. She saw it at the video store so we rented it. Big mistake. She doesn't want to do anything else, and when she is not playing it, she is talking about it. She even took the rented game to school for show and tell! She has been asking if we can buy it but I just tell her it is too expensive. She says, "How much?" "$30.00 and that is a lot of money". Which is sorta true but mostly if we got it, I would never see her again! Anyway- she just sits there and I can tell she is trying to figure something out. (She is determined like her mom I guess...) She says, "My tooth is loose Mom. Remember I get a dollar when my tooth falls out?" "Yes, but $30.00 is a lot more than one dollar." "I know, I was thinking maybe we could all get our teeth to fall out." After we talked a bit about adult teeth and baby teeth and who has what, she realized that wasn't going to work. So she dropped it..... I thought. See-when Nathan works, the kids usually leave notes on their doors for him about various things so he can see it when he gets home. It's cute and pulls at the heartstrings a bit. So tonight, I find this note on her door....

In case you can't read it, it says, "Dad- at work when you get 30 dollars or more then will you let me use it for Lego Star Wars?" I will be surprised if he doesn't run to the store right then and get it! She has him wrapped around her finger and she knows it! :)
*If I figure out how to put a video clip on this, I will post Jaleigh doing her real Pop O' Wheelie!*