Saturday, July 31, 2010

Outdoors... FINALLY

Our summer schedule has been crazy. Crazy with good things- like Scout Camp, Family Reunion, Academic Camp, Girls Camp, Activity Day Camp. But it hasn't been the kind of Summer we yearn for during the long months of winter and school. The kind of summer we dream of is full of us together camping, exploring, adventuring and connecting.

Finally- we found a week we could go and just be.

By the time we got all packed up, um- you could say we looked ridiculous. RE-DIC-U-LOUS.
And so what that semi's were blazing past us up the smallest incline?

I hesitate to tell you about our favorite campground, because it really is a secret gem. We have always gotten a spot- last minute or holiday weekend- they are there for us. It is amazing. Then I remembered there are only 5 people that read my blog so I'll share it with you. You might remember when I blogged about it here? You will NOT be disappointed. Its called River Farm Campground in quaint little Pentwater MI. It is 10 minutes north of Silver Lake Sand Dunes, and 15 minutes south of Ludington. We stay here and enjoy all there is to do in all 3 towns. Really, the campground itself has so much to offer too. Ok- now if I start not getting a site when I call....

Nathan took the kids for a walk while I got all the details set up in the camper, and came back with one of his many "finger bouquets" as I call them, to decorate our table. I think he called this one "4th of July" because it reminded him of fireworks.

The fashion for the week was swimsuit and Keens. Every day- for the whole week!!

Mode of transportation?

and Bikes.
Days filled with swimming

Tube jumping


And even a little summer crushin' .
Late nights around the campfire eating sticky smores
and then talking just he and I, while the kids read themselves to sleep.

One of the MANY great things about this campground, is that it is on Pentwater River. Its a small river that I have never seen anyone on. LOVE IT!

We had never ventured out too far, but now that we all have Kayaks we decided to go all the way.

About a half mile down, we came to this huge sand dune. We stopped to explore and cool off.
Nathan said I had to get a look from the top. He was so right.Are you seeing this?? Not a soul in sight and we are having the time of our lives! Just stunning, isn't it?It was a beautiful river.

Another day we stopped at a great park in Ludington. Jaleigh made fast friends a few girls her "very own age".

I overheard their conversation...

"If you want to play with us, we will show you a very secret place. You can't tell anyone about it. Not even your parents. No one. Well, except my Grandma. We can tell her, cause she NEVER gets me in trouble..."
and they ran off to their very secret location...
Isn't that sweet?? I think it's true too....

And speaking of Grandma, I saw this at the beach one day and couldn't stop laughing. This is exactly something my mom would do... :)
By the end of the week, most of our books were read, some were a little sunburned, and all of us were eaten up

But we had the week we had been looking forward to for so long. Together.

Mission Accomplished!


Dad said...

looks like I should have been with you!

Sunny said...

Love this post! Sounds so fun! So fun to see a blog post too! :)You should get away more often! And great ALWAYS!

Pam said...

WHAT??? Something I would do? Wouldn't anyone want to take care of their things??? :) Looks like the perfect relaxing vacation I always tell myself I will take - someday...

Nancy said...

What fun and great pics! Take advantage of every chance you get to take these little getaways. Your kids are at that perfect stage between too old and too young. That stage doesn't last long enough!

Nikki said...

My kids are dying to camp with you guys!

John L and Lorraine said...

You describe everything so well that I felt like I was there enjoying it with you. It truly is beautiful!

Salem said...

Some day...I dream of living the "Avery life" :)

teva said...

i see why you would not ever want to leave MI! ;o)